How to Go About Choosing
the Best Domain Name for your Online Business

A domain name plays a vital role in the success or failure of your business. The best domain name should be one that is search engine friendly, easy to remember, and should probably be a .com. Here are the points to consider when you embark on choosing a domain name for your business.

Your domain name should be relevant to your trade

The first rule of the thumb is that you should choose a domain name that is relevant to what you are doing. Imagine where you have an online shop majoring in fashions, and you go for a domain name that’s relevant with electronics. You can lose a lot of customers because when they visit your website, they discover that you are not selling what brought them to your site. Apart from that, the possibility of ranking in the search engines like Google will be an impossibility. This is because Google uses relevancy as a ranking factor. In fact, when people visit your store, and they leave immediately you get a high bounce rate. Google lowers the ranking of websites that have high bounce rates as it believes that your site is irrelevant or it has the worst user experience. Hence if you want to succeed online, begin with finding the 2019’s best domains for you and  choosing a domain name that is relevant to what you are doing.

Use Keywords
The first rule of the thumb

Choose a domain name you can use for a long time

When you venture in the online arena, your intention is to hang in there for long. The truth is that success does not come easy. It takes time to have your website to get noticed. That’s why it’s advisable to choose a domain name that you can use for long. Remember the coming of the year 2000? Everybody wanted to use the word two thousand in their business. During the time everybody was interested in the millennium because its something that rarely occurs in a lifetime. Force forward in 2018, and you realize if you had a domain anchored on the 2000 theme, it’s now outdated. Hence you need to avoid domain names that go with current trends because, after some time, your domain name becomes irrelevant.

Use Keywords

Keywords are important when it comes to choosing a domain name. Though Google disregards keywords in domains as a ranking factor, Online users use keyword phrases when searching for a particular product or service. For instance, online users while searching for a VPN service, they are more likely to type, bestvpn, topvpn, fastvpn, robustvpn, and so forth. Using a keyword that’s relevant to your niche will give you an edge over the rest. When you decide to purchase your domain name, you will discover that such names are not available. But if they are available, they are sold at premium rates so that when a regular .com goes for less than 2 dollars, the premium domains ask for more than 2000 dollars. Hence try as much as possible to get a domain that has a keyword that’s relevant with your area of operations. That way, you will have an easier time promoting your online business.

Let your domain name be Short and memorable

If you desire to fail in the online domain before you even get started, then go ahead and choose a difficult domain name. Supposing you wanted to launch VPN online businesses, and you chose to have a name like, while your competitor went for, you can never have a chance against your competitor because online users will always remember your competitor’s name and not yours and your competitor’s website will receive a lot of direct type-in traffic. They will enjoy traffic from returning clients because their name is memorable. Also, try to have a short domain name. Even the search engines dislike long domain names.

If you desire to fail in the online domain before you even get started
Let your domain name be Short and memorable