DNS Servers

3 Best Free DNS Servers

Memorizing a word is more comfortablethan numbers. Imagine having a situation where you have to remember numbers such as It is not an easy task. It is because of this reason why you need to create an easy to remember domain name. And because computers communicate using numbers, a DNS server becomes essential because it will change the web name to IP address. This address involves many numbers which human beings cannot remember with ease. Thus, you need to have a network that will make it easier for customers to find your online store. With the internet, you will find millions of systems that will help you with this. However, not all will work well for your business. Here are 3 best free DNS servers:


The CloudFlare goal is to help you build a better internet. Anyone including the newbies can use this DNS server. It is easy to set up, and you can add security and performance features at no cost. The good thing about CloudFlare is that it is DDoS protection for domain resolution. With this, you will not encounter challenges of attack by the hackers. If you faceproblems, you can reach their customer support system which is available for 24/7. It will provide you with relevant feedback, and you will fix the issues quickly. The CloudFlare has to offer maximum security.


This server is one of the largest names in public DNS. It offers plenty of benefits making you run your business without challenges. OpenDNS can work well for newbies as well as experts. It has set up instructions for mobile devices, PCs, routers, and Macs. You can reach them anytime you encounter a challenge. This DNS server will speed up the performance of your site. Also, it will enhance security.  It is As you know, the security feature is the key to every successful online business. Thus, you need to include features such as SSL to work together with the OpenDNS. This server is more reliable and has zero downtime. It has a global network of DNS server which ensures that if some servers fail to work, the others can still do.

Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a free and fastest DNS server that most of the people are using on their computers. It could be best for you if security is your priority. It will not allow other people to make changes. It offers only basic guidance which targets the experienced users. With this, only people who are proficient with configuring the operation settings can make changes.Also, this server will speed up your browsing experience. Google has that will help to boost your site security.