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Domain names 101

Computers on the internet recognize each other through IP addresses. This is to say that every computer on the Internet has a unique number that identifies it. It would be impossible to find websites based on IP addresses given the massive number of existing sites.

This is why scientists came up with domain names as an effective internet address system. The domain name is what your website is identified or known by on the World Wide Web. You could say it is the address to your online store.

As such you want that address to be as easy to read and find as much as possible. This could make the difference between having a robust online presence and being lost in cyberspace. The domain you choose and purchase is that important to the success of your business, so choose wisely.

Importance of a domain name

  1. It makes your online store or company look professional

If you are starting an online store, looks do matter. If you opted to publish your site through an ISP or a free web hosting site, the best you can get is a URL. A generic address such as this would work against you as it does not inspire confidence enough for prospects to risk any purchase on your site.

  1. Inspire confidence

An online store with a domain that is relevant to the business it conducts looks more professional in the eye of the consumer. Chances are they will buy from you because they feel you are credible. Looks do matter in the online business space. A well thought out domain name is vital.

  1. Mobility

A domain name gives sufficient versatility to your business on the cyberspace. Just like a brick and mortar store can move from one building to another when relocating is necessary, is the same way a domain name allows an online business owner to move from one host to a better one in the event that they are not happy with the former’s services. A domain name gives an online business that ease of mobility.

  1. A domain name has the potential to build your brand

A domain name can help create brand awareness especially if your domain resembles your business. It serves to reinforce what you sell and is memorable to customers who have visited your site. If you sell shoes in New York, a domain name such as is likely to draw surfers searching for shoes to your online store. If they get what they are looking for and make a purchase, they are likely to come back to your online store and refer others to it. This is because they can easily remember your website regarding what you sell and location.


Choosing and buying a domain name is not rocket science. With the help of domain name generators such as Shopify, you can select a useful domain name that resonates with your business and online customers.